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Workshops and Events
By Adam Balling
1/6/2014 9:24:00 AM

Are you planning a Day of Percussion, clinic, or show? Percussion Source is starting a new program that will help make your event even better!

Percussion Source is excited to be starting a new program that is intended to enhance your event by providing a small store sponsored by Percussion Source.  The idea behind this is to help support days of percussion, clinics, seminars, and other percussion related events around the country that we typically could not attend. 

Percussion Source will work closely with you and your event to cater to your specific needs. Whether your event is specific to marching percussion, keyboard percussion, or just an all around clinic we can provide materials for sale that are related to your event.  If applicable we can also provide literature and door prices to help support the event. 

The critical part in this partnership revolves around a responsible, trustworthy person with good management skills to manage our bookstore. Percussion Source will offer a stipend check to the person that runs this bookstore. This can be used as a scholarship or assistance to with tuition costs to attend these events. 

This is a brand new program we are looking to start and would appreciate your feedback as well! If you have questions, concerns or ideas of what might work, please let us know. The idea is to enhance the experience of your event attendees while introducing them to Percussion Source. 

For further information feel free to contact us below. 

Thank you, 

Percussion Source Team 

Lauren Calkin           lcalkin@percussionsource.com

Adam Balling           aballing@percussionsource.com

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