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Synthetic vs Natural Skin Conga and Bongo Heads
By Adam Balling
3/31/2014 11:11:00 AM
A lot of this is personal preference however there are some factors to consider when deciding on purchasing natural skin heads or synthetic heads.  Natural skin heads are prone to weather changes.  If you live in very humid climates and do not detune your heads after playing, this will limit the life of the heads.  If you travel around a lot with your drums, natural skin heads will react to the temperature and humidity changes. With care, your natural skin heads can last a long time.  If you are looking to avoid dealing with temperature changes, synthetic heads might be the best choice.  They are not going to be affected by weather changes. Synthetic heads are also a great choice if you have an allergy toward natural skin products.

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Tags: rawhide, synthetic, natural, conga head, bongo head
Categories: World Percussion
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