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Founded in Istanbul in 1623, the Zildjian family has been creating the world's finest cymbals for nearly 400 years. The brand eventually relocated to the U.S. in 1929 in order to expand production and grow as a company. Currently based in Massachusetts, Zildjian has succeeded in that mission. Today, Zildjian drumsticks, cymbal packs, hardware, electronic cymbals, crotales and gongs – in addition to their expertly crafted hand and drumset cymbals – are professionally-trusted the world over. It's easy to see: their tradition of excellence has no parallel. For the best selection of Zildjian cymbals and more, browse Percussion Source's wide collection today.

2014 NAMM Demo - Kerope Cymbals

A demo from the Zildjian booth at NAMM 2014 of the new Kerope cymbals, played by Zach Danziger.

Zildjian Sound Lab Cymbal Comparison - Effects

Effects cymbals from across the Zildjian cymbal lines are compared, including the FX Trashformer.

Zildjian Sound Lab - 16

Overtones similar to the classic 14" K Light Hats, but now with more volume and a lot more wash.

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