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Vic Firth

As a professional percussionist with the Boston Symphony, Everett "Vic" Firth found himself disappointed in his performance and longing for a new kind of drumstick. Unsatisfied with the market offerings, Firth decided to design his own sticks with a dedication to expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. Although they were originally meant for personal use, his peers were soon clamoring for a set of their own. Hence, Vic Firth and his drumsticks were in business!

Today, as one of the most innovative percussion companies in the world, Vic Firth offers more than 300 distinctive products and sells over 11 million drumsticks each year. We're proud to be a part of this drummer's legacy, and our varied collection offers a number of affordable, professional-grade sticks and mallets for students and professionals alike. Shop online at Percussion Source today to find percussion necessities like the Vic Firth backpack, isolation headphones for kids and, of course, the finest drumsticks money can buy.

Vic Firth Van Sice Signature Marimba Mallets

Robert Van Sice demonstrates his latest signature marimba mallets, and discusses the specific properties that make these mallets so unique.

Vic Firth Markworth Corpsmaster Keyboard Mallets

Andrew Markworth explains the concepts behind the development of his signature series of keyboard mallets for the marching percussion section.

Vic Firth HingeStix

HingeStix® force drummers to hold their drumsticks correctly. The exact balance point is achieved every time the player picks up these sticks.

Percussion Source

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