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Founded in 1996, Tycoon started off as a small Thai guitar company. However, because of the brand's hard-earned reputation and high standards, word of mouth has empowered this company to grow internationally and establish itself as a leader of instrument creation. Today, Tycoon Percussion's hand drums are renowned for their authenticity, robust construction and beautiful timbre. Whether you're searching for an exotic rhythm with an African djembe or are craving Cuban inspiration with Tycoon congas, you'll be inspired day after day by the crisp sound that is produced. Percussion Source sells these items individually or in sets, and offers an attractive assortment of decorative motifs. In addition to traditional Tycoon drums, we also present this brand's bells and shakers. Invest in quality with one of the many well-crafted instruments that are available to order online.

Tycoon Percussion Rhythm Rack at the 2014 NAMM showSeveral Tycoon Percussion artists demonstrate the Rhythm Rack with congas at the 2014 NAMM show.

Percussion Source

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