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Toca Percussion brings quality hand drums and lively Afro-Cuban Latin rhythms to drum circles and classrooms alike. This prominent brand's instruments, like the Toca black mamba, provide genuinely traditional textiles for pure sound, alongside innovative enhancements like nonslip rubber bottoms for comfort and durability. What's more, the vibrantly colored and patterned bodies of the Toca djembes, congas and doumbeks will make your drum truly standout, regardless of whether you're on stage or amongst friends. Discover distinctive and environmentally-friendly percussion instruments in the Toca drum collection from Percussion Source today!

Toca lightweight djembes

Nina Rodriquez showcases the Toca Percussion Lightweight Djembes.

Toca Flex Frums

Mike Veny demonstrates Toca Percussion's Flex Drums at NAMM 2013.

Toca Freestyle II mechanically tuned djembes

See the Toca Freestyle II mechanically tuned djembes with synthetic heads.

Percussion Source

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