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There's no arguing that, when it comes to drums, Remo is in a league of its own. For more than half a century, the name has been synonymous with cutting-edge percussion gear that has introduced world influences to new audiences. Remo is renowned for its quality snare, conga, bass and bongo drum heads that deliver crisp sounds to drum circles, marching bands, classroom recitals and packed concert halls. Furthermore, the brand manufactures the finest accessories to accompany their instruments including comfortable djembe straps, stands, control caps and even wheelchair clips. To buy musical instruments that are the apex of performance and affordability, turn to Remo drums, practice pads and equipment, here at Percussion Source.

Remo Snare Resonant Tuning

UNC Caption Head Matt Savage talks about how to tune a resonant head on a marching drum!

Remo Crimplock Conga Heads

Crimplock Symmetry conga drumheads were created to fit more conga drum models from various manufacturers.

Remo - Russ Miller Tuning Tips

Russ Miller of RMI Studios teaches multiple tuning techniques for all the toms in your kit.

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