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Founded by a passionate Chicago-based drummer around the turn of the Twentieth Century, the Ludwig brand has soared to become arguably the most recognized name in the percussion industry. Yes, this drum manufacturer may had both its highs (like being showcased by Ringo Starr on the Ed Sullivan Show) and its lows (like the temporary selling of the company during the Depression Era), but today it is lauded for its consistent track record of excellence. The trusted choice of seasoned performers, instructors and marching bands alike, Ludwig manufactures timpani, bass drums, bells and snare drums, as well as essential parts including instrument stands, cases, tuning keys and more. Explore the large array of Ludwig percussion products at Percussion Source to find essential drum set and percussion equipment at affordable prices.

Atlas Hardware from Ludwig

After years of development, engineering, and testing, Ludwig presents a full line of Atlas Hardware designed to complement the legendary quality of Ludwig drums.

Marimba One Wave Wrap Mallet Series

Designed for the faster, articulate nature of high-volume music, Keystone's shell speaks quickly with full tonality and quick decay. Demo by Edwin Plooijer.

Carl Palmer Signature Venus snare

Carl Palmer puts his 3.7" Signature Venus snare from Ludwig through its paces with this amazing demonstration of snare and stick technique.

Percussion Source

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