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For the best quality musical equipment on the market, look no further than our selection of handcrafted Encore mallets. These professional grade marimba and percussion mallets allow you to get the perfect sound every time you play. Moreover, the structure and durability of each product is hand tested and discarded if not up to mallet-smith standards. Trusted by top percussionists in the world, including Nancy Zeltsman, Encore mallets promise the best quality, comfort, and lifespan in the industry. Discover Percussion Source's wide array of marimba, timpani, bass drum and gong mallets from Encore today.

Encore Al Payson Mallets

Adam Balling walks through the Encore Al Payson Bass drum and Timpani mallets.

Encore Anthony Di Sanza Series Mallets

Anthony Di Sanza demonstrates his new series of signature two-tone mallets from Encore.

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