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Black Swamp

Black Swamp Percussion is a leading manufacturer of high end concert and orchestral percussion instruments for beginners and professionals alike. Used by talented musicians all around the world, Black Swamp offers a full range of percussion instruments and accessories, including bass drums, castanets, triangles, concert toms, mounts, replacement hardware and much more. The premier percussion brand also takes great pride in their meticulously crafted Black Swamp snare drums, like the SoundArt Concert Snare. These uniquely designed, ultra-reliable instruments come in various sizes, shapes and shells to help you find and define your individual voice. Explore the entire collection of Black Swamp Percussion instruments, guides and accessories with Percussion Source now!

Black Swamp Percussion RecPlate Video

The RecPlate portion of the Black Swamp Percussion: In the Shop - MultiPlate video. Organize your small percussion instruments!

Black Swamp Sound Signature Snares at Percussion Source

Black Swamp is releasing a single Sound Signature custom snare drum monthly through The Percussion Source.

Black Swamp Percussion snare drum strainer options

This installment of Black Swamp Percussion's In The Shop video series discusses BSP's four snare drum strainer options.

Percussion Source

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